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Oracle error: “data got committed in another/same session, cannot update row.”

January 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Oracle error: “data got committed in another/same session, cannot update row.”

When this error continued to pop up, the only solution that worked for me was this from OTN Discussion Forums:

Just a heads up, if you really need to get that column updated:
1. Copy and edit the value to a safe place such as notepad or another 
 sql developer worksheet, don't try to save in the table.
2. In a sql developer worksheet, make an update query to set the 
 BLOB/CLOB field to NULL
3. Run the update query and commit
4. refresh your table view, the BLOB/CLOB should be NULL now
5. Copy the value back in and commit
This worked very well for me but it must be done in the same sql developer 
instance that is throwing the error. I tried to have a coworker null the 
field and it did not affect my session at all even after refreshing the 
table. Also my coworker's sql developer showed the field to be NULL even 
before I asked them to try to edit it.